The Power to Choose

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Make decisions based on what matters most to you.

Decision Generator

Taking your thinking to the next level

Understand your thought process with greater clarity and transparency as you decipher the whys and why nots of key decisions.

Focused Goal Setting

Establish the intended outcome of key decisions prior to weighing your options.

Personal Calculations

Create variables and define weights and values while using our drag-and-drop decision calculators.

Endstate Optimization

Compare and contrast possible outcomes based on changing contexts, constraints, and values.


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Example Calculations


Personal Finance
Home Buying
Expense Budgeting
Investment Strategy
Risk Tolerance
Savings vs Expenditures
Business Strategy
Monthly Burn Rate
Investment Needs
Startup Valuations
Revenue Projections
Pricing Calculator
Life Decisions
Pro Con Template
Timeline Countdown
Projected Satisfaction
Historical Influences
Personal Prefernces

How it works

Learn How

See how fellow decision-makers and machine learning models have tackled difficult problems. Browse existing formulae and customize each scenario to your needs.

Ask Why

Learn to decipher and implement the reasons that provide the most meaning to you. Identify key motivators that drive your why.

Compare Solutions

Create black and white scenarios for understanding the weighted value of one solution over another. Seamlessly change between models and outcomes.


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